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Association SAVREMIE

Association SAVREMIE is a non-profit organization, established in 2004 with the following objectives:

  • Promotion of Bulgarian organic products at the international market and provision of sustainable export opportunities
  • Fostering the ecological activities
  • Supporting the tourism development
  • Supporting the social integration and personal realization of young people from the region

Main current activities:

  • Establishment of national network of organic producers in Bulgaria to promote Bulgarian organic products at the international market and to ensure sustainable market for their production
  • Creation of a center for marketing of Bulgarian organic products
  • Presenting and advertising Bulgarian organic producers in the international market through participation in international fairs, information campaigns and other events
  • Supporting the development of tourism by promoting cultural and historical heritage, national traditions and opportunities for tourism in Bulgaria
  • Development and implementation of EU financed projects for achievement of the above mentioned objectives
  • Organizing youth activities and international youth events
  • Enhancing the access to education at European level of young people and bio producers



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